Friday, May 27, 2011

11 Months!

I've decided that my baby is growing up too fast! He's already 11 months old... just keeps growing and growing!

weight: 25 lbs 6 oz
height: 31 1/2 inches

Clark is still such a sweet baby! He has really been enjoying the freedom of crawling - everywhere. His newest thing is crawling into the bathrooms and unrolling the toilet paper! Such fun, sorry no photos yet. He is also talking more... but nothing too exciting. He does ba ba (and it meant ball once for sure). He also says ma ma and da da.

He's still figuring out the stairs and is thinking more and more about walking. He still has time to work on these things :) - no rush!

OK, so here are the fun pictures I took of him for his update:

cute stare

smile :)

close up!

I love his laugh face and his teeth! They remind me of my dad's - gapped ;)

Another of his favorite activities is peek-a-boo:

He does it all by himself and will wait for someone to say, "Where's the Baby?"

Then (sometimes after a while) he'll pull of the blanket!
He really is a great baby! We just love our Clark!

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Tink said...

Our boys are growing up so fast! We need to get them together for another playdate sometime. (: