Sunday, May 15, 2011

Butterfly wrap skirt


The pattern is ready! Go get it and enjoy!!!

My friend is finishing up her adorable skirt pattern. I was lucky enough to test it for her. I must say it works great! They wore them to church today. I didn't get pictures until after church, but the girls are still cute ;).

Here is the finished product:

Sandra in her blue skirt... turquoise is her favorite color ;)
side view

Mhari with her knee length yellow wrap skirt :)

close up of front
Side view
My 2 beautiful girls!
P.S. another fabulous part of this pattern is the wrap skirt is reversible, and can be tied up to 10 different ways (as a shirt, or dress too!!!).

I love it when I can make something with the material I have and it doesn't take long, but turns out looking great. I think this pattern will be a huge hit! Seriously she explains everything so well and has great pictures to help you along too!
I'm planning on doing more sewing... maybe make Mhari a mid-calf length one next. I also think I need a mommy size one... I just love them!

I may even start a sewing business... would you buy my skirts?


Lacy said...

Those look store bought. Great job. I'd buy your skirts.

Machelle said...

I really like those. They are so cute. You did good. I havent been able to comment forever but have been able to read your posts. Keep on blogging.

Tink said...

Those are adorable (I especially love the blue one)! You are very talented! And yes, I would TOTALLY buy your skirts. (:

Christy said...

I love the skirts! Great job on your food storage too. I don't know how you get all that done with five kids. You are supermom!