Monday, May 23, 2011

Hail, Glasses, and Tarantula... Oh My!

Today was an eventful day...

It started out with a good thunderstorm in the morning, which included some pea size hail. It was very nice and dark outside. There has been a lot of rain this month which has been very welcomed since we have been so dry!

I tried to get a picture of the rain/hail, but it's hard to see.

Saturday night Grant broke his glasses :(. I guess I wasn't surprised, he can be very active! He had actually broken off a nose piece Friday so I guess it was good I hadn't gotten them fixed yet.

Oh, and it was a non-repairable break ;).

After school we went to they glasses store and got new frames (I knew it was a good idea to have breakage coverage :)). He's happy and hopefully these glasses (same style) will last a little longer.

Once we got home from the glasses store we had a snack and I started on dinner (if that makes sense?). Sandra was over at the window and started talking about a spider in the grass. The boys were interested and went to check it out too. They started saying it was a tarantula. I was a bit surprised and had to stop to go check it out. Yup...

There he was:
Crawling through our tall grass!
A bit creepy if I do say so myself!

He stayed in the tall grass until Jeff came home from work (an hour later) and got a shovel to dispose of him.

Now you have some size perspective:

Seriously creepy!
So, if you couldn't tell we aren't spider lovers! Jeff tried drowning him and eventually the shovel ended up through his back. I'm glad I don't have to wonder if there's a tarantula outside in my grass (as long as he doesn't have friends), but he really wasn't dangerous so it's sad to have to kill him. I think they should stay in the wild, not my backyard! In case you're curious he was a Texas Tarantula.

I think this is extra motivation to mow the grass!


westen and ladawn said...

Ahh, that spider is huge!! Your new picture of your family is so cute. That's crazy you guys have all that hail. xoxo

Tink said...

The picture of the spider crawling up the shovel literally gave me chills. Eek!!!!