Monday, November 7, 2011


Our red fence has been slowly deteriorating.  Here in TX there are tons of wood fences and so they all eventually rot and fall over - great times.  Too bad the dirt is too filled with sand and clay to do a better fence because I would love a block fence I never had to worry about again!

Saturday was the day of the fence project.  Jeff decided to take down two of the panels that had lost the post in the middle.  It had been windy again and we figured the fence would be falling down anyway so why not get it fixed right?

After a couple of hours of work - most of that work removing the old posts and cement, here are the finished posts!  They looked fabulous!  Next to finish up with some wood next weekend....

Well, that was the plan until our home teacher showed up with the missionaries to help with our fence project.  We had called him because he had a jack hammer - almost a necessity when working in TX soil - man rocks and cement are nasty down there.  Well, unfortunately the jack hammer wasn't working, but bringing two strong missionaries was almost the next best thing.  

They started by removing the rest of the wood panels - that is a big pile of fence if I do say so myself :)

Then it was time to dig out the remaining 11 posts!  Some were easy... and some took way too long!

Such a hard worker!

Bro Blair with is long metal pry bar - that extra torque came in handy!

The boys had a great time helping too :)

So cute when they work together.  They had been Jeff's helpers with the first two posts - they really do work hard!

Baby had fun hanging out during all the excitement!

Everyone working!  Good times!

Well the posts are set and today the kids finished filling in the holes with the remaining dirt.  

It really is great to have little helpers!  

I am grateful for a hardworking husband and family!  It was such a blessing to have our extra helpers come by too!  It is hard for me right now because I'm not able to do any of the physical help and it could have taken Jeff a really long time to get this far by himself!  
It's exciting to see this project coming along ... maybe soon enough I'll have a fence to show for all of that "fencing" or rather, de-fencing we did ;).

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Machelle said...

Awesome post. I love seeing what you all are up too. Gets me motivated to do more. LOVE IT