Monday, November 14, 2011

Pumpkin Picking

Our friends grew pumpkins this year and harvested right around Halloween.  I saw all of the vines and cool pumpkins before the harvest.  There were so many pumpkins that I asked if my kids could pick some if they had extras.  There were still tons of tiny green ones and some big ones too.  Here are the kids examining the vines... 

Grant picked the biggest one left.  Check out that huge leaf!

Punkin with her pumpkin ;)

Sandra's pumpkin

Clark thought the little pumpkins were balls and kept throwing them :).

Talmage took forever to pick... because his siblings had taken all of the last big ones and he didn't want a tiny one :(.

This one was a decent size still.  Look how big it was in my hand... there were tons that were the size of grapes.

Clark loving being outside!

Clark looking at the pumpkin vines.

Talmage finally settled on a collection of pumpkin flowers, tiny pumpkins, and cucumbers.  Here he is showing off 2 of the flowers :).

Clark - because he's just too cute ;)

Happy Fall!  Thanks again to our friends who shared their harvest with us... it was tons of fun!!

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