Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Texas Sized Appetite!

While we were in San Antonio we decided we needed to visit Big Lou's Pizza.  They make 42 inch pizza's - oh, and lot's of other sizes too!  It is a pretty popular place and the wait time can be up to 2 hours.... crazy!  While we were there, waiting in line, I saw this sign (along with lots of other signs) ~
If you weren't sure you were in Texas, there's no question now ;).  

We decided that there would be no way that we would finish, or even get close to finishing, a 42 incher so we ordered a 36 inch pizza.  The people next to us had the huge one and I asked if I could take a picture.  This is what they had left after eating!

After a little wait - like an hour or so from ordering, our huge pizza arrived.  
We were so hungry I totally forgot to take a picture until we were eating...

One slice took up two plates!  It was awesome... oh, and tasted amazing!

Clark was starving and I couldn't keep him fed fast enough :).

The pan size of our pizza.  There wasn't much room left on our table :).

Jeff staring on a fresh slice... see how huge it is?!
Seriously if you are in San Antonio and want some amazing pizza and don't mind a little wait I totally recommend Big Lou's.  We even had a few slices left over for the next day's lunch... it filled a whole pizza box :).  

Our other big eating fun was in Round Rock, just north of Austin on our way home.  We visited Round Rock Donuts for our Texas sized Donut!  

The line wasn't too bad, probably because of the holiday weekend and the drizzly weather.  Once we got our donut and made it out to the car we ate it so fast that I of course forgot to take a picture :(.

However, since Grandma and Grandpa were with us they had ordered their own so I got a picture of the full size donut to share with you.  
If you can't tell it fills the whole pastery box and is probably as big as a whole dozen!
And yes, it was delicious!  Grandma and Grandpa also shared some other tasty donuts that they bought.  It was fun to try the huge Texas food.  I guess it's true, everything really is bigger in Texas :)

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Cindy Killebrew said...

I am hungry now! That looks awesome! Thanks for the tip!