Friday, December 2, 2011

11 Years into Eternity!

11 years ago I married my Handsome Prince.  The experience was wonderful and it felt like I had been waiting my whole life to marry him!

He is my Pepe :).  I love you Hunny!  

It's amazing how quickly time flies.  I see moms with one or two young kids and it seems like that was me not that long ago.  I realize these next 10 years or so will fly by with the kids growing and doing so much.  Eventually it will just be Jeff and I again.  I look forward to spending our days together, getting older, serving, and loving our growing family.  It gives me a glimpse of what eternity will be!

Happy 11 and here's to many many more!

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Katy B. said...

Happy anniversary friends! Love you.