Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The 4 Year old!

I think 4 is a hard age for me.  The child is old enough to understand house rules, not whine, do things by themselves, and enjoy being a big helper.   Unfortunately that often translates into taking advantage of time alone and getting into trouble as he/she tests the Mom boundaries!
I guess I need to stop whining about it and enjoy it because Mhari just turned 4!

She was so ready... she'd been acting 4 for a week :/.  Really, she is a fabulous daughter and we love her so much!  We had a fun time celebrating her birthday... 
Here she is right before she opened her presents.  What a poser!

Some of the gifts...
long hair from Sandra.

dress up dresses from mommy and daddy

dress up crowns from mommy and daddy

She had picked a pink cake with pink frosting... she really likes girl things ;)

All dressed up.

She also got littlest pet shop animals that her and her sister found homes on our little tree.  It was very cute!

Happy Birthday Punkin!  We love you!

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