Sunday, December 4, 2011


We went out as a family last night to dinner.  It is always a treat for me to go out because that's one less night I have to cook dinner :).  We went to CiCi's Pizza, which is an all you can eat pizza place, if you didn't know :).  The kids ate, and ate, and ate.  I must say I did my fair share of eating too... it was all you can eat after all.  

Everyone finally finished and we headed home.  It was getting late and time for the evening routines of showers etc.  I went to get Clark for his bath and this is what I found...

Yup, that's him with an open bag of Cheetos that had been left out.  Evidently even after eating all he could eat a few cheetos could still fit.  

What a hungry little boy!  I was seriously surprised!  I couldn't resist the photos!  We love our little chunk!  I'm afraid to keep feeding my kids as they get into the teen years though!

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