Friday, September 7, 2012

Another school year begins

The boys started school again at the end of August.  We met their teachers the week before and they were both very excited.  Grant has the same teacher as last year, Mrs. Wallis.  We really like her!  It is hard to believe that Grant is in 3rd grade now!

Talmage has two teachers in his classroom, Mrs. Sliva and Mrs. Farley.  We have had Mrs. Sliva as a long term sub for Sandra last year so it was fun to see another familiar face.  He is now a big 4th grader!  Crazy how big that seems!  

They are both loving school and doing really well... it seems like no big deal to start back to school these days.

Sandra started back the week before and is at a different school this year.  She is also doing really well and we are hopeful that we will have all of the kids at the same school next year, if not some joining her sooner!  Jeff takes her in the morning and I pick up in the afternoon.  She is making lots of friends and her reading is really starting to improve (that might not have anything to do with the school though ;)).

Since Jeff walked her into her class the first day we got to see her at her desk :)

Mhari was also really excited to start school.  She doesn't qualify to go to pre-k at the school so that is sad.  Instead I am working on teaching her how to read at home.  She has been doing well and really likes to call it home school.  I think she will be super ready for school next year!

Happy Back to School everyone :)

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