Friday, September 7, 2012

Our Big Dog

Clark has had many nicknames throughout his 2 years, but it seems Jeff has settled with "dog."  It is strange, but works for now.  He is growing up so much and is so fun!  Here are some highlights over the last couple of weeks.  

A year or so ago I made the kids these hats.  Clark is now big enough that the big boy's hat fits his head!

Such a cutie!

Clark really likes to color and will hang out with the girls when they are doing their art projects.  I think it is cute, yet he has colored on himself as well as the counter... he certainly is 2.  The other day Mhari was set to go color and Clark went up to join her. I had something really quick to do with Mhari and didn't think much about Clark alone with the markers until it was too late...

He got his arms really good, his face a little, and then there was the surprise:

His tummy!  Let's just say it took a little while to find this one.  I figured that was very fitting and actually really cute.  I am just afraid that every time he is left by markers he will decorate himself.  What a silly boy!

So Clark has graduated to a big bed.  Well, we finally figured out how we are going to fit three boys into their small room.  Clark inherited Grant's bottom bunk.  The other night Clark was in the room while we were out in the living room.  It had been a while so I went to find him.  His bed was empty: 

But his sister's bed was not :).  Yep, he put himself to bed in her bed.  So silly.  I don't know why he loves his sisters so much, but it sure is cute!

Another look at my discovery

He is loving being big and getting to sit up to the counter like the big kids too.  He has really enjoyed being the big brother to little Lorna too.  They grow up so fast!

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