Friday, September 7, 2012

Gardens with friends

Before school started for everyone we headed out to the Botanic Gardens with some friends for one last big play date!  Sandra had already started, but everyone else had a great time (I will post Sandra's pictures soon).  Summer seemed to drag on and ended feeling like we saw lots of different doctors... tonsillectomy will do that to you I guess.  By the time summer break was over I was sad to have to get back to the morning grind, but ready for the kids to get back to their schedule and learning ;)

Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying their friends:

Aftyn and Hadley

Mhari is talking to Aftyn through the "telephone" tubes :)

Doing a bird egg quiz

Bird song game

We ate lunch on the lawn and the kids enjoyed some soccer while we rested from the heat.  Clark got a turn with the soccer ball too... he was very happy!

Little Lorna just keeps getting bigger!  So pretty!

Enjoying the pond.  I was a little nervous that Clark was going to go swimming, but he stayed on dry ground thankfully!

There were coy fish in the pond as well as lot of turtles.  The kids never wanted to leave!

We had a great day and now it's back to the school routine!

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