Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A not so happy New Year

This year started off a little shaky.  We had planned a fun get together with the cousins for a New Year's Eve party, but that got delayed due to a risk of lice exposure :(.  The kids were sad, but we had fun together celebrating the new year at home.  We were able to do a fun Saturday together and the kids played and played together... hopefully they forgot about missing out on the late night party :).

A week or so into 2015 Lorna wasn't feeling so great.  She was have trouble breathing, she started a fever, she couldn't sleep.  None of my usual remedies were working.  She was just miserable.  After a couple of sleepless nights I got her into the doctor to find out that she had the flu :(.  Poor girl!  I was grateful to finally know what was wrong and have medication to help her on her road to recovery!  I don't like it when the kids are so sick they can't even sleep.  

Here she is doing a breathing treatment, before we knew the flu diagnosis.  

So cute and yet so sad :(

I am so grateful that our kids are generally really healthy because it is no fun to have little sickies!  Here's to a great 2015 ... may it just get better and better!

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