Friday, January 30, 2015

Capturing The Memories

Over the last few months I have been turning our blog into our family books!  I have them done all the way back to 2008.  It feels so great to be able to sit down and look through all of the wonderful memories that we have been recording!  Not only do Jeff and I love the books, the kids love them too!  I think Talmage mentioned that we could use them as a text book for a history class for school... you know, when we study our family history :).  Sandra was the first kid to really get into reading them.  She was so cute telling the kids about the stuff she had read that they had done.  I think after that the boys were each going through them as their new reading material!  

Here are the boys enjoying the books!  


Here are just what some of the other kids were doing that same day...  Mhari doing her kitchen job.

Clark helping put laundry away.

One day in early February I had some appointments to go out and visit teach.  When I do that I often leave Talmage in charge (even if Jeff is working from home) and the kids tend to watch Netflix the whole time.  Well, I guess that can't last forever.  This time when I left they each had jobs to do... kitchen chores, read books, and Grant had to finish his math.  This is what I found when I got home...

Clean kitchen!

Talmage reading to Clark!

Girls reading!

 Grant finishing up his math!

It was one of those little miracles ... they actually listened to me!  I was so grateful!  We are moving into a new age of older kids and working on being more responsible!  I love this stage so far :).

Oh, and one Sunday after church Lorna had fallen asleep in the car.  She's just too cute not to share a photo of!  

The kids keep growing up, but I love being able to capture the memories!  It will help me remember them when they aren't so little anymore!

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