Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fun at Home!

It feels  like it took forever to get cold this year.  Well, now that it's cold it has stayed pretty cold.  I guess that's pretty normal for winter, but nothing is ever normal in Texas!  That means we stay inside most of the day and do recess on the wii!  The kids love it and we have plenty of space so it works out fine.  It does mean that my slippers get to come out more often too!

One day Jeff was working and came out of the office for a break.  It was pretty handy because Clark and Lorna were playing nearby and got to hang out with Daddy!  Daddy is always fun to play with!

Lorna and Daddy!

Clark's turn!

So high!
 Upside down!

The older kids took advantage of the break and had some fun being silly!  Here is what we do for the camera!


Clark giving Grant bunny ears!

Talmage hiding behind Grant


We love our time at home with our family!  It is even better when Daddy gets to share time with us when he can take a few minutes away from work :)

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