Friday, February 6, 2015

Derby Time!

Grant had his last Pinewood Derby at the end of January.  He has moved onto 11 year old scouts, but since the cubs adjusted their schedule of when they were holding the Pinewood Derby Grant, and any scout that missed out because of the date switch, was welcomed back to still participate.  He designed the car, Jeff cut it out and Grant painted it.  Jeff helped get the wheels on and the weights too :). 

He had a great time racing and overall it was a great Derby!

He was really close to winning a place in his den.  One of the lanes ran a little faster than the other and they only ran so many times against each other.  By the time he was done he was out of the winners round.  That's OK, he did great! 

Here he is with his participate ribbon :)
One of Grant's races.  He's on the left lane :)

The boys always love Pinewood Derby.  Jeff has gotten to help out with 6 cars or rockets over the last several years.  It will be nice now to have a few years off before Clark joins Cub Scouts.  It's been fun, but we are on to bigger and crazier things as Boy Scouts :).

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