Saturday, February 21, 2015

First Camp out!

Grant had his first camp out as an 11 year old Scout!  They were invited to join the older scouts!  That meant that Jeff got to go on the camp out with Talmage and Grant!  Jeff doesn't love camping, but he will go for his boys!  I love that they are building these memories together.  It was also a shooting camp out.  Both boys had a chance to shoot some clay pigeons and shoot at a target.  

Jeff helping Grant get ready

Grant shooting

He's got good aim!

 Hanging out with his friend Jeremiah!

Talmage and Jeremiah

The boys climbing up into the deer blind. 

I love that they are so close in age that they get to share these experiences!  I'm sure they will have lots of great camping memories by the time they are finished with Scouts :)

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