Thursday, February 5, 2015

Photo Shoot!

Tiffany is going to her writers conference in a couple of weeks.  She was asked to take the pictures of the authors for their book jackets (if they signed up for the photo package).  Well, Tiffany wanted to get some photo practice in before the trip so that meant we did our own little photo shoot! 

There were lots of different poses to try out.  By the time we were done there were over 100 pictures!  Kind of crazy to think that I now have 100 pictures of myself ;).  She took some of Jeff too, but those aren't included.

Here are my favorites :).

My favorite!

Kind of fun in black and white!

I may get to help Tiffany edit the pictures when she gets back from the conference.  I love working with photos so it sounds like another fun time together! 

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