Thursday, February 5, 2015

Family Fun!

Our co-op does fun days during the year.  The kids really enjoy dressing up and getting to do some of the fun things they miss from public school.  We did do a family pajama day once in January though so I guess it's not like we couldn't do more of our own.  I would just be afraid that we never get dressed again so in general we always get dressed for school and ready for a new day :).
Anyways, there was dress like your favorite character from a book day recently.  Talmage dressed up like a tree ent from Lord of the Rings, Grant dressed up like Michael Vey (normal clothes, totally easy), Mhari was a girl from Spirit Animals, and Sandra dressed up like Hermione from Harry Potter.  She is on the second book and loving it!  It is so great to see her turning into such a little reader like her brothers :).  She also has a great look to pull off Hermione.  I borrowed the cloak and tie from a friend and we were all set!  After that day she wanted her hair like Hermione for church that next Sunday too!  Such a silly girl!

One Saturday we were busy with a merit badge college for the boys (just working out rides and such) and then talking and what not... I totally forgot to get Lorna down for a nap.  By about 3 in the afternoon she was worn out.  She just sat up on me and fell right to sleep!  I couldn't help, but cuddle with her and enjoy that moment.  I didn't really sleep, although I totally could have! 
Lorna is growing up so fast!  It's strange to think that our baby is going to be 3 this year!
After the Lorna nap we headed out for dinner at Braums!  While waiting for them to make our burgers we enjoyed some yummy ice cream cones.  It was a total dessert for dinner night!  We took our burgers home to enjoy and watch a movie together as a family too!  It was a much needed relaxing night enjoying our family!
We are in the stage of having a son who gets to go to the youth activities.  I know I'm still adjusting to having a 12 year old, but I guess there's no looking back now ;).  We have a teen homeschool group that did an awesome swim party in January.  The family has a heated pool so they invited everyone over!  The kids roasted marshmallows and swam and watched a movie. 

Can you spot Talmage?  He's standing on the left side with the green towel around his neck ;).  Talmage had a fun time and I'm sure we will be doing more of these teen activities in our future ;).
We love having fun together and enjoying our family!  Sometimes I have to pause and really enjoy these moments because they really are going by too fast!

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