Thursday, February 5, 2015

Piggy Pigs!

We have wanted to get land and have a place to take care of animals so our kids can have that experience.  Well, we still haven't bought land, our kids are growing up, and we figured we were done waiting to get the animals.  Instead of a real pig, which is what Clark wanted, we got guinea pigs instead... the closest thing to a pig we can have at our home ;). 

After going to 2 pet stores and talking to the people who worked there about the guinea pigs we came home with 2 cute little girls.  I think guinea pigs are more high maintenance than our bunny, but other than that they have been really great.  We were supposed to leave them alone for the first 2 days to give them a chance to adjust to us.  That was really hard for the kids, but they did it. 

Once we were allowed to hold them it seemed like there wasn't enough guinea pigs to go around.  I guess that's a common problem when we have 6 kids ;). 

I figured they wouldn't want to be held, but boy was I wrong.  They do so well being held!  They just sit there for the most part! 

Now, naming the guinea pigs has been tricky.  We have a lot of opinions and there hasn't been a consensus on what the official names are. 
Here is the list:  The dark ones names are Agnes, Thunder Cloud, Brownie, and Truffle.
The lighter brown one's names are:  Hermione, Nugget, and Marshmallow.

Here are the kids loving holding our new pets!
Mhari with Agnes:

Sandra, Mhari, Clark, Grant and Talmage

Lorna with Hermione

Clark with the two guinea pigs... the dark one blends into his clothing!

Grant and Talmage

The cutest thing about the guinea pigs is how Lorna says guinea pigs.  She can't quite say it so she says "piggy pigs".  That is the new name for them in our house.  Oh, and Lorna is also really good at saying Hermione too.  That's her favorite piggy pig! 
It has been so fun to see them love our new pets.  They tend to be a distraction during school because the cage is in the school room, but overall they are so fun!

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