Thursday, February 5, 2015

Back to the Zoo!

It's our first trip to the zoo this year!  It was nice a cool with no crowds!  We love having the zoo to ourselves!  We hung out with Tiffany and the cousins too.  It's always great to go with friends :).  The kids also had money from grandparents for Christmas so they even got to buy a new animal from the gift shop.  That may have been their favorite part of the whole trip! 
I didn't have my camera, but I took a few shots with my phone ;).  We have tons of animal pictures so I'm not so motivated to take zoo pictures anymore. 
The thing the kids loved the most was this alligator statue!  It is fun to see their imagination at work!
It was also really tempting to buy fudge.  This sign was good advertisement ;)
Lorna had a great time.  She really wanted to ride in the stroller, which I left at home :(.  She survived, but I did carry her more than I wanted to. 

The best part was her on this kangaroo statue.  Oh, and also that she loves her cousins and they love helping out with Lorna!  Bree and Ella are great to have around!
This bird was really cool.  He was right at eye level with the kids.  I wish I got the photo where they were staring close to the bird! 

Yay for the zoo!  Our kids sure love animals so the zoo is always a treat!

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