Thursday, February 26, 2015

Winter Arrived!

After a very mild winter we finally started to get some winter weather... the last week in February.  Well, at least it came.  The kids were so excited to see snow!  We dug out the winter coats (or what we have as winter coats) and the socks, since we can't seem to keep enough gloves around... and went out to play in the snow!

It was not a huge snow storm.  Actually, it was a sleet storm, but at this rate it seemed like snow to us!  The kids had a great time playing!

Mhari, Sandra, Grant, Talmage, Clark and Lorna!

Lorna's hands were cold!

Sleet angels!?  Sandra

Grant made a snowman

Clark with is "snowball"

Mhari climbed on top of the shed... I was a bit nervous and had her come down!

Sandra's snowman!

Talmage's snowman!

We even got to go to the park in our neighborhood and play with our friends.  Snow soccer was pretty entertaining.  The kids fell down a lot when they went to kick the ball!

Oh, and the girls made this cute little snowman baby. They had a sled that they would drag him around on.  At one point the baby fell off the sled.  Sandra was heartbroken!  Sandra had to be sure she fixed him before we could head back home.  Silly girls!

By that afternoon the snow was all but gone.  It was hard to imagine it had actually snowed that morning!

Only our melting snow creatures reminded us of our fun in the sleet!

Talmage's snowman looking pretty leafy!
It sure was fun while it lasted!

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