Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy 11 Years!

Grant turned 11 last Sunday!  We got together with the cousins the day before because they couldn't get together on his birthday.  I brought the cake and he opened up the presents from his siblings and cousins.  The next day we had his birthday dinner (homemade pizza!) and opened the presents from grandparents and Mommy and Daddy :).  Grant had a great birthday!
Here he is opening presents at the cousins house. 
A cool homemade wallet from Owen
Talmage went to a party earlier in the week and the boy had an ice cream cake.  Talmage thought Grant might want.  Later I talked to Grant to figure out what kind of cake he wanted and sure enough the ice cream cake won!  He picked an Oreo cake.  One layer was vanilla ice cream, then crushed Oreos, and then a layer of cookies and cream ice cream.  I frosted the whole thing with cool whip and froze it over night.  Then I sprinkled some of the left over crushed Oreos on top.  It looked so good!  I was nervous it wouldn't stay frozen, but seeing as it's winter the cake did great.  It was kind of hard to cut into, but it was so yummy!

Here Grant is helping put in the candles while Daddy lights them... a little dangerous!
Make a wish!
He got them all!
Present from Grandma Whitmer - remote control cars!
From Mommy and Daddy 

We will go pick up his Boy Scout shirt and book this week to finish off his present.  It's crazy that we don't have any Cub Scouts anymore!  The boys will be out doing lots of camping and hiking in their future ;). 

Grant is a fun, creative, loving kid!  He is a great big brother and just loves to play with Clark and Lorna.  He also loves reading,  animals and being active.  He is smart and silly!  We love you Grant!

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