Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Morning!

The kids... well, Talmage especially, had been planning our Christmas activities for several days.  His plan was to do a Christmas breakfast all by himself for the family to enjoy.  I thought this was a fabulous plan!  He also mentioned that he wouldn't start it until 8 am ... even better!  I did get up and help cook some sausage, but he handled the pancakes, finishing up the sausage, and cooking eggs all by himself.  It was a great breakfast and it will even help him pass off something for his cooking merit badge. 
Sandra had been planning to wake up first and then be the alarm for everyone while she played Christmas music on the piano.  She also waited until a reasonable hour to start playing (and the kids were all up anyway) so that was nice too!  I think she really enjoyed getting to play the piano so much for us!  
Here is Talmage cooking!
His little "helpers".  Man, it sure is hard to keep the little ones away.  Little Lorna is too fast to pull a chair up to the counter to be involved in whatever is happening at the counter!  Clark doesn't even need a chair... he's so huge!

I am sad I didn't get a picture of us all eating.  Just know that instead of waking up super early we got to sleep in a little (which I needed after Mhari didn't sleep well) and even eat breakfast before worrying about all of those presents waiting in the other room.

The kids did get to open up their stockings first thing though.  I think that makes waiting for the other presents a little easier too!

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