Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A day at the Mall

On our second day we headed into DC to check out the National Mall.  We started at the Archives building.  We saw the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.  That was really awesome!  There was a lot of other cool stuff like patents and such to look at too.  

Since they don't allow photos we just took a picture of the outside of the building ;)

The White House Christmas Tree.  Let's just say that it's not that impressive.  Kind of cheesy if you ask us.  Later that night we saw the Christmas tree outside of a building for Canada and theirs looked pretty awesome.  Made us feel even worse about the White House tree.  Maybe it looks better with the lights on... that's my hope anyway.

Then we walked by the White House.  No need to stay too long...

Then we headed toward the Lincoln Memorial and saw the Washington Monument along the way.

By the pond on the way to the Memorial. 

Together ;)

The outside of the Memorial!

There is Lincoln!  

His speech was written on the wall... it was huge!

The view from the Memorial :)

After that we rented bikes and headed toward the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.  We passed by the World War II Memorial on our way!

The mall is so huge!  Renting the bikes saved a lot of time and our feet too!  We made good time on our way to the museum!

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