Monday, December 29, 2014

Ready, Set, OPEN!

It was finally time to open presents!  I think having 6 kids makes opening presents a little tricky.  There are too many kids and too much happening all at the same time.  We tried to have them open their presents that were similar all together and then I try to get the best pictures I can :).  That also helps cut down on the time we are all sitting around opening presents.
Here are the highlights of the crazy fun opening present party :).
I just love Lorna's face!  She was so excited for all of the presents it was great!  
too cute!
Cute Clark!
Silly Rollers
Art and Craft kit
Fox shirt!
Girls got a pottery kit
Clark and Lorna got scooters!
I found Jeff this awesome tool box for his truck!
The kids also had a new game, movies, a couple of wii games and the whole family got nerf guns
The official present pictures:

Everyone was so happy!  Yay for presents!

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