Friday, December 19, 2014

9 Year Old!

Sandra turned 9 on Monday!  She was at her aunt and uncle's house because Jeff and I were still in D.C.  Tiffany made her a delicious dinner and let her help make her favorite fried apple dessert!  She had a great birthday.  It was kind of strange to not be there for her special day.  I was there that night and got to hug my sweet girl and wish her a happy birthday.  We did do her family party the next night... so here is that excitement!
Sandra is so fun to watch while she opens presents!  She is always so surprised and happy!

Jeff and I gave her a new blanket and a necklace (2 items off of her birthday list). 
She was in love when she saw her new blanket!
The necklace was a total surprise and she was so happy!!! 
Her present stash!
Ready to blow out her candles!
Make a wish!

Sandra is such a great daughter!  She loves to learn new things and keep learning more and more!  She is very creative and thoughtful!  She got several art things for her birthday and she has already used some of it to make things for other people.  She is so loving!  Everyone who ever has Sandra as a student just loves her.  She makes such sweet connections with her teachers and she really does love them so much!  She is our first daughter and it is such a joy to see her growing up and becoming a young woman.  She will be there before we know it! 
Sandra loves animals - especially penguins.  She loves the color green and she loves music.   She does well with the piano, but she really wants to learn the violin.  I love her spirit and desire to keep learning! 
We love you Chica!

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