Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve!

We had a fun Christmas Eve.  The kids finished their gifts to each other.  We finished making buckeyes and then delivered them to 12 different families.  By the time we were done dropping the goodies off it was bed time.  Well, there was still time to unwrap one present!  They each unwrapped what their sibling had given them:
Talmage gave Lorna nail polish.  She was so excited!

Mhari gave Clark a shell (he wasn't feeling so great)
Sandra helped me make a pretty poncho for Mhari
Which she loved!
Lorna "helped" me make Sandra a pretty red scarf :)
Clark gave Grant a monkey.
Grant gave Talmage some seeds :)

Everyone was so excited for Christmas the next day :).  Once they were all in bed I finished up wrapping the kid presents and setting out stockings.  Then Jeff and I watched a movie!  It was a good evening. 
Well, about 2 am Mhari was coughing really bad.  I had her come downstairs for a breathing treatment.  She had a croup cough :(.  Everyone had been so healthy I almost thought we might make it through the holidays without getting sick. 
Poor thing ;(

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