Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Decorating Fun!

The kids were so ready to decorate for Christmas!  We got out the tree and decorations on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  It didn't take too long before it was all set up.  Maybe that's because we don't have a lot of decorations, but lots of little helpers make it go really quick too!

Here are some pictures of the fun :)

Mhari helping Lorna decorate.

Everyone getting ornaments.

Cute Bug!

Happy Clark!

I helped with the beads :)

Time to do the nativity!

Daddy helped too!

Sandra had fun taking pictures of the decorations

Mhari took the picture of the donkey

The real reason to celebrate!  We are so grateful for our Savior who was born so long ago in such humble circumstances ... all so we would have the chance to change and come back to our Heavenly Father! 
Merry Christmas!

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