Monday, August 17, 2015

1st Day of School!

The time came to start school again.  Summer break never seems long enough.  I can't say that we did anything really exciting, but it is nice to not have to worry about school work for a while :).  

Well, we were actually all ready to get going again so here we are starting another homeschool year!  
Talmage is a 7th grader
Grant is a 6th grader
Sandra is a 4th grader
Mhari is a 2nd grader and
Clark is in kindergarten!  

I switched up our math this year.  It has been amazing so far.  I got the program downloaded on the computers last week and Sandra had already done 5 lessons before we had even started school! 
I am looking forward to seeing Clark learn and grow and start reading.  They grow so much in kindergarten!  I love seeing all of the kids learn and grow.  Last night Jeff gave everyone back to school father's blessings.  It is a wonderful tradition and really helped bring the spirit as we start another year!  
I brought the camera out to recess.  I figured it would make for great back to school photos... rather than the posed ones :).




Lorna ... can't wait to start school, but works with me on writing and colors and abc's etc :)


The game the boys made up with one of the bike tires that doesn't stay on well...

 I think they were rolling it and then chasing it down...


Back in the school room...
Sandra working on her writing.


Mhari typing

Grant doing Grammar


Talmage helping Clark. 

Oh, and let's not forget that Lorna gets to be in the middle of it too!

I really am so lucky to get to homeschool our kids.  It is a blessing to our home and our children.  I love seeing them learn and getting to spend so much time together!  We were doing a question at dinner game the other day and one of the questions was how do you know your parents love you.  Talmage answered, "Because you homeschool us."  I love that they chose this and that we get to be in this school adventure together!  I really do homeschool because I love my kids!

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