Thursday, August 13, 2015

6 Flags Reading Fun!

We have been doing the 6 Flags Read to Succeed program for years now... and we are so grateful to get to do it!  This is the only way we have gone to 6 Flags, so it is our fun blessing for reading!  This is our last year with these 4 getting to go.  Next year Clark will get to join us and Talmage will age out.  He can still buy his own ticket, but he won't count in the reading program anymore. 

This was actually quite a crazy year trying to get to 6 Flags.  We usually plan it out and just go with friends or family.  This year by the time we had gotten to the park to meet up with the cousins the park had restarted their rides from being shut down from lightning in the area and the park was going to close in another hour.  Well, that was no good.  We decided we would come back in another day or so and just do it on our own.  At least we would have more time to ride than just doing 1 ride. 

Tiffany was so nice to take the 2 little kids so we could head out early and spend more time at the park! 

We rode so many rides it was awesome!  We rode the Texas Giant, Titan, Superman, Batman, Shock Wave, etc..  Everyone had a great time!  We were all exhausted when we were done too!

Group Selfie!


Mhari and Me after Shock Wave!



Going UP!

 Mhari and Me.  She was finally tall enough this year!  She was so excited!

Right before heading out we rode the swings.  It was a nice relaxing way to end the awesome fun day!

Looking forward to more fun and sharing with more kids!!  Until next summer 6 Flags!

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