Friday, September 25, 2015

6 Flags Fright Night!

A girl in Ella's ward invites her to 6 Flags for the Frito Lay company party.  Last year Tiffany went with her and got to enjoy 6 Flags, Fright Night style!  This year Tiffany couldn't go because she had to work.  She offered my services to take Ella and her friend.  I also got to bring Sandra along too.  It was a fun night, even if we didn't spend a lot of time on the big crazy rides ;).

Sandra with me, and Ella with Emily, on the run away train ride!

I chose not to go on the Aquaman ride.  I really didn't want to be soaked all evening long.  The girls were sure wet tho!

Ella, Sandra, and Emily

Having fun with some of the scary decorations!

So, we decided to try the Roaring Rapids ride.  Well, actually we decided to just stay on it .... 4 times in a row (since no one else was in line they just let us ride until we wanted off). 
Let's just say we were all soaked... I was especially soaked!  So much for not wanting to be wet.  Oh, and since it was late we all started getting cold too.  Fun times!

Overall it was  a great night!  It was fun to take the girls out.  Hopefully I will get to go play again :).  Yay for 6 Flags!

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