Saturday, September 19, 2015

TOFW 2015

Tiffany and I got to go to Time Out for Women together this year!  Well, sort of.  Tiffany is working so she couldn't go for the Friday night part.  Ella had a ticket but couldn't go on Saturday due to a church commitment.  Well, I really wanted to go Friday night and that meant that maybe I could help out and get Ella out to the even too!  So Ella was my date on Friday night and Tiffany on Saturday.  It was a fun weekend and really nice to hear uplifting messages and music.  I think some of the others in the past have been better, but it really depends on who is booked and if that message is what I need.  Ella had a fun time and even ran into a girl from her stake :).

Tiffany and I always have fun :).  Kind of hard to be together and not enjoy what we are doing.  We heard really good messages and ended on a talk about being positive.  Life can be a struggle, but we can endure and even endure well.  Yay for a fun girls weekend!

Me and Ella

Me and Tiffany! 


Here's to many more fun girls nights and spending time together!

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