Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy Happy Birthday!

With the family in town we celebrated the birthdays!  Clark's was on the 22nd, Jeff's on the 25th, and Ella's is coming up on July 7th.  We had dinner, swam, and ate dessert.  Of course there were presents too :)

Here is Clark opening up some presents:

We gave Ella an awesome Jurassic World shirt.

Jeff's turn...

Candy and a soccer ball 



and a remote controlled boat!

Tiffany found a farting stuffed animal dog.  Jeff was quite happy with his new toy :)

The lighting of the desserts .... Jeff with his watermelon, Ella with her ice cream, and Clark with his watermelon cake with whipped cream. 

Such a sweetie!  (His cream was melting off the watermelon :O!)

Make a wish!

Jeff enjoying his "cake"

It was nice to enjoy the birthdays with family!  Happy birthday to 3 awesome people...  Especially to my Hunny and the Daddy to our 6 kiddos!

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