Friday, June 3, 2016

More Music!

Sandra and Mhari finished another year of piano!  This was Mhari's first year and she learned so much!  Sandra finished her second year and is really enjoying the piano!  We really love our piano teacher, Miss Ashley!  Our girls are so lucky to have such a great teacher!

Miss Ashley with her students!

Mhari with her ribbon for her performance at the festival.

Sandra with her bronze metal from the State Theory Competition!

Aunt Tiffany was nice enough to do Sandra's hair for her.  It was fun to have the scarf in her hair, especially with all of the black that she was wearing :)
In June the girls each got to pick a piece of music that they wanted to learn.  Sandra chose Harry Potter and Mhari chose a song called "Gethsemane."  It is a song she learned in primary for Easter.  I love that Miss Ashley encourages them in their interests and also to be able to accomplish a musical goal like getting to pick their own song too!  I think I'm going to be hearing lots of Harry Potter in my future!

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