Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Move!

It finally happened!  We loaded as much as we could ourselves and did a load down to the house.  After that run people from the ward (like 2 people), some family, and missionaries helped us with a 2nd load.  We took that load down to the house and stayed the night and got up to unload with help from the new ward (like 15 people came and helped!!!).  After that we thought we still had a "small" load left at the house.  We meant that we still had another huge truck load full of stuff at the house to load.  Good thing we recruited as many missionaries as we could and we even got some ward members to show up this time.  We were done just after 1.  It was a hard day and the rest of it was spent unloading.  To add to the fun Jeff's parent's arrived that day to visit because Jonathan was giving a talk for his mission homecoming.  It was a crazy day, but it all worked out.  I was so happy to finally have the move done with.

Here is the truck on the night of the move.
 The sunset.  I think that is my new favorite thing about our new home!

When we were showing Nathan and Tiffany around the house there was something up in the tree.  It turns out it was a bobcat!  So crazy! 

The kids were so happy to play in the pool after they helped unload!  Too bad the pool was a bit green.  It sure is nice to have a pool though!


Everyone loved the diving board!

More sunset!

More swimming after the move the next day.  Jeff even got into the water! 

Silly Clark

I'm sure the sunsets will get old after a while, but I just love them! 

Now that we are all moved in we are working on getting the closing done.  Hopefully all will go well and we will close at the end of July!  Until then we are planning for all of the fun house projects that are just waiting for us to tackle!

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