Saturday, February 18, 2017

Curb Appeal

Our house is seriously lacking in curb appeal.  We have been steadily removing overgrown trees as we try to reclaim some sort of order to the yard.  We were debating on whether or not we should remove the trees right up at the house.  They were really big and blocked the overall view of the house.  We have lots of fun ideas of how to update the front area, but these trees seem to really take over the area.  It was time to clear them out and open up the front of the house.  

Before (actually, before we moved in)


The huge pile of trees that are now on the side of the house waiting for us to break them down for the trash.  

I have dreams of shudders and a nice paver patio with potted plants.  I'm so happy we are starting to change the look of the house and see what curb appeal we can capture!

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