Friday, February 3, 2017

Harpy in Danger!

We went to the Dallas Zoo to do their Nature Exchange.  The kids spent quite a bit of time talking to the naturalist and turning in their stuff they had collected.  It was a colder day and there was literally like 20 people at the whole zoo.  It was crazy, but pretty awesome too!  They did ask us to stop with the naturalist stuff to come see their calves pick the Super Bowl winner.  It was sad that they were that desperate to get a crowd to come watch it.  I'm sure it was so important because it was being recorded for the news.  Anyway, once that was done we finished up a the nature exchange.

After that we walked around and decided it was a good time to stop for lunch.  At the eating picnic area there are cages all around the perimeter.  The kids saw the harpy eagle was stuck and hanging by her claw at the front of her cage.  They were very concerned and told a zoo employee who got help.  With so little people at the zoo it was a good thing the kids saw the danger and got help.  Who knows how long she was hanging there... and would continue to hang there waiting for help.

When we did the zoo talk about the harpy eagles last month the kids learned that this harpy eagle likes to get stuck like this.  That is so sad.  I think the worst part was watching them try to free her.  After several different attempts she was finally free.  It's just too bad that she will be stuck again :(. 

He started at the top of the cage, but couldn't reach well enough to get her talon untangled.

They got the big ladder to get a better angle.

 He finally freed her!

Lorna was so exhausted!  She fell asleep on the way home and slept for several hours afterwards.  I think she's been congested and hasn't been sleeping well at night.  She's such a cute little bundle!

Yay for awesome kids who love learning and helping animals in danger!

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