Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Poor Dog

Clark woke up with an ear ache last night :(.  Grant was good to come down and tell me so I could go up and help Clark out.  He was up again about 6:30 with his other ear hurting.  I helped his other ear and had him rest some more... this time by Daddy who was still sleeping.  I didn't want him to get worse so I scheduled a Dr. appointment to get his ears checked out.  He had an ear infection and we went and got his prescription filled before heading home.  Since it's almost Valentine's Day there was lots of cool stuff at Walgreens.  He really enjoyed looking at all of the cute soft animals.  He even found a bear almost as big as he was! 

While at the Dr.s office they did his height and weight.  The nurse mentioned that he was really tall and then when the Dr. came in he said the same thing.  One our way out the Dr. said that Clark was as big as a 9 year old!  It's so true, he's a big boy! 

He was so cute sleeping by his daddy!

Clark with the cute bear!
He seems to be feeling better now so that is a blessing.  He is a great kid and it's no fun to be sick!

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