Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Have you ever wondered what would happen if a sock snuck under the lint trap in the dryer? Well, I never did until it happened to me. I tried to grab it out, but couldn't reach it. I tried to reach it with two knives (like a grabber), but that helped it fall farther down. I wondered what would happen if I started the dryer, maybe it wasn't a big deal to have a sock in the lint trap. Well, needless to say that wasn't a good idea. I smelled burning and the dryer wouldn't work really fast. Humm, what to do. I thought about waiting for Jeff to get home and let him deal with the lost sock, but I really needed to finish the laundry so I can pack. After trying to go through the back of the dryer up the lint hose to reach it I decided I needed something long to reach it. My last option was a wire coat hanger that I bent to help pull out the stuck sock. After working a few minutes and pulling quite hard with it the sock came out. I was grateful the the only casualty was the sock and not the dryer (which is working on drying another load of laundry as I type)! It was pretty stressful, but I was happy I got it figured out in time to finish up the laundry. I think Jeff should be proud of me too :).


randivon said...

That is an amazing talent my friend. I would have given up. Way to be a woman!

Tink said...

Hey, that sock is still wearable! (;

Way to solve your own problems, by the way! I probably would have given up, too!