Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Welcome to the Blog

This is our first time doing a blog... and it will be an adventure as we keep track of what our family is doing over many years :)
This is our family in 2008!  We live in Fort Worth, Texas and have 4 kids.  Talmage is 5, Grant is 4, Sandra is 2 and Mhari is our new little baby!  Mhari joined us in December 2007 and has been such a joy to our family!  Everyone loves the baby and she is so good too!

Here are some of the fun photos of what has been happing here in January:

Cute little baby cuddled on the couch.

Talmage taught Sandra to put stickers all over her door... yes it's fun, but won't come off now ;/

Cute Chica in the dress I made for her!

So tired..

Sleeping baby!

While cleaning out a closet I found these garment bags.  The boys sure had fun with them!

 The kids decorated the kitchen.

Tummy Time!  Look how good she holds her head up!  Just over a month old!

Grant loves to take care of his baby too. 

 Sandra and Grant like to sit by me and feed their babies while I feed mine ;)

Grant and Chica fixing the bathtub :)

Daddy with his little Punkin!

Couldn't resist sharing a sad photo... so cute still!

 Grant hanging out not feeling well... poor guy.

Cute Baby!!

So pretty

She likes the swing!

She spends lots of time sleeping!


randivon said...

Sharla... you are awesome. I look forward to seeing pictures of your kids and getting to know you all better. :-)

luvmykids said...

What a beautiful family!