Monday, March 31, 2008

41st Ward Youth Reunion!

During the youth years we had a really large youth group in our ward.  My last year or so the wards were divided and the youth split up.  It was really sad, but we were all really good friends even with the split.  It was good for me to get to know other great people so it was a good thing in the end.  They decided to do a youth reunion and I got to attend since I was in town :).  Here are some of the friends That were there:
Me and Mandy Miller (Mikos)

Julie and Jill (Goodsell)

Taffery and Dan Lowery

Me and Bishop Grizzle

Scott Willard, Mandy, Paula, and Christy (Willard)

Sue Grizzle and me

Becky (Larson) and Deirdre (Brown)

The whole group!

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Tink said...

Holy cow, there are some serious family resemblances between cousins in those photos! Oh, and both lip colors look great, but I think I prefer the one on the right (your left). (;