Friday, April 11, 2008


Here are two awesome boys named Grant! I think it's funny how they even kind of look alike. They are both big for their age too. When our families play together the kids call the younger Grant Baby Grant to distinguish between the two. They are so smart that way. I wonder what will happen when he's not a baby and he's as big as my Grant :).
While thinking of this name similarity I have found it interesting over the years how many names have doubled up in my friends and family such as: Carol, Joalene, Joe, Amanda, sisters named Christa and Holly, Savannah, Dallin, Spencer, and Grant (I'm sure I'm missing some more in there too). I'm sure it's more than just coincidence (especially when the list is that long already). I'm glad to have met so many wonderful people and enjoy all of these names in common. It gives me a bond before we really know each other too well :)

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Rice Family said...

Hooray! You got a picture where they are both looking!