Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Say Cheese

Talmage and just a couple of his puppies
5 years old!

Grant - a sneaky shot by the photographer, otherwise he would not look nearly that happy.
4 years old!

Sandra - so expressive, even with her bribe of the puppy.
2 years old

Mhari, just too cute!
Only 4 months old!

Daddy and the boys!

Mommy and the girls!

All together!
It was such an event taking our family photo with 4 kids. It could've been worse. I guess it's hard knowing how beautiful my kids can smile and yet see them refuse to do so at the picture place, arrggg. I'm glad to have the updates and now I get to rearrange my family wall to make room for Mhari.
It is always amazing to me to see the growth over the year as we continue to update the kids pictures. Even with the growing it's funny to look back and see how they have just looked like themselves for quite some time, just a little older now. They really do grow up so fast.


quinnfamily said...

I love the pictures. Always fun to get new pictures of the quickly growing kids. Cute family!

luvmykids said...

Great picture guys! It is always so much work to have family pictures taken.