Monday, April 21, 2008

In the Brick Yard

Jeff had someone who was wanting to get rid of his bricks and we would be able to use them, so we had some brick hauling to do. Needless to say the boys wanted to help.

My kids constantly surprise me with how willing and able they are at helping (when they want). They helped Jeff with a load of 300 bricks or so of their own free will. Jeff was grateful for the help since he had to load it up by himself.

By the end of the unloading there was a large brick pad (waiting to be put to good use) and two hot little boys. Sandra wanted to help too, but had more fun walking in the way than actually helping with the bricks. She was happy to point out all of the bugs that were found in the moving of the bricks. That afternoon the kids were treated to snow cones because of all of their hard work! I think they liked helping so much because they were helping Daddy and maybe because they got to move bricks too. It's hard to say :)


Rice Family said...

What awesome helpers!! What are you going to do with the bricks now?

Anonymous said...

We are going to make a brick drive on the side of the house.

luvmykids said...

What nice boys! It is such a great lessson to teach them as well.