Friday, May 2, 2008


So I'm happy to report that all of my little seeds have sprouted and our garden is getting greener every day. I know it's exciting isn't it. Well, the only problem is that we have a visitor in our garden. The other day we noticed that the dirt wasn't all even like usual and I figured the kids were playing in the garden. I told Jeff and he leveled it out. Afterwards he noticed a yummy smell on his hands (and washed them thankfully)... cat pooh, yuck. So our tomato plant has been attacked and the broccoli isn't looking too good either. The cat has dug around the squash plants too! The peppers are doing fine so that's a plus. Jeff is not a patient person when it comes to cats so I'm trying to get other alternatives than trapping it and relocating it (that's better than shooting it right). Does anyone have any advice on how to keep neighborhood cats out of the garden? We have had a few suggestions and are looking into repellents, but any advice would be helpful! I just want my plants to survive and eat yummy garden food, is that too much to ask?!?!


Rice Family said...

Since this is around your vegetable garden avoid chemicals. My Grandpa used to use a sling shot to keep the cats away from the birds he fed in his backyard. Just to scare them away of course. You might get lucky though and actually hit one.

Sharla said...

I guess I should clarify, I wasn't looking for a chemical repellent perse, but I have heard about cyan pepper or things like that. I'm sure the boys would have fun helping with a sling shot, but they would probably end up getting hit more often then a cat would :)

Amanda said...

my dad would put pine cones around our plants then he foud this hing called a scare crow that was motion activated that you hooked up to your hose and it would squrirt water at what ever triped it. It worked great.