Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Handy Man

We decided to make a back patio with all of the free bricks Jeff acquired. Jeff is getting some good experience doing house projects since owning our first home. He is pretty handy so that is great too! Even if he isn't sure how to do something he's willing to figure it out. What a great talent, especially for a husband :). The brick pad is about half way completed and we are hoping to get it all done before the rain comes that is forecasted for later this week.

I guess part of being a handy man is also Dirty Jobs. It was fun to watch Jeff mix all of our "dirt" for our little garden. I really enjoyed seeing all of the different colors of dirt (compost, pete moss, garden soil, etc). We didn't have anything to mix it with, but our hands (well, his hands more specifically) so in he went. It worked out pretty well too. I don't know if using a rake would have mixed it up as well as his hands did. Our garden is progressing now and the new seeds I had to replant are starting to sprout.

Last year, after being in the house just a few months, a rock fell into the clean out drain from the house. Jeff had to dig down and find the elbow where the rock was stuck, cut out the pipe and put in a new joint (after getting the rock out). This is what it looked like after he fixed the joint.

With all of that hard work Jeff was in a hole in our yard that was filling up with water from a leak. He had to empty out the water from the hole and fix the leak (after finding it first). He didn't smell so good after this job. To add to his fun it was December so it was cold too! I'm happy to have such a handy husband who is willing to do extra work around our house along with those dirty jobs that are unexpected too! He is such a great guy and good example to our kids!


Anonymous said...

Well, that is one handy man. My husband isn't very handy at all, but he is super creative. Strangely I tend to be the handy one.

quinnfamily said...

Aren't we just lucky...Randy is such a handy man as well! It's great all the things they can do...and saves a ton of money as well!