Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Feliz Cinco De Mayo

Talmage and the pinata! (after it had fallen off the string)

Grant swinging

The line of kids waiting for their turn . . .

Sandra with the prize at last!

We had an awesome Cinco De Mayo party at the Rice home this last Monday for FHE. There was a homemade pinata which was the funnest part for the kids! None of them were quiet strong enough to get it to open, but with some help from the Daddies the goodies were freed. It was such a fun time and when else do we teach our kids it's okay to break something with a bat!? My favorite part was the yummy mexican food, mmmm enchiladas, oh and the ice cream sundae too! It was something fun for the kids and a good excuse for a party!

A special thanks to Melissa for the great photos! (still no new camera yet)

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