Friday, May 16, 2008

Crazy Funnies

This week has had some funny things, but also some crazy things happening so we thought we'd share them with y'all ;)
First this is our garden. Yes, it has a cage around it (chicken wire) which is hopefully going to help keep the cats out...

The crazy story for the garden is earlier this week I was looking out the window and saw a bird come down and land at the garden. It was pecking in the garden. I thought, oh good, it'll eat some bugs. Then I saw it fly away with one of my little cucumber plants! I was so shocked. It even came back for more, but I chased it away! Now maybe the cats and birds will stay out. I did replant several items becuase of the garden abuse so hopefully we will still have a good harvest.

Now on to Sandra....
This is what Sandra looked like yesterday (like my new camera?). I think she's cute, even if she's got messy hair sometimes :). She has been pretty happy these days, but is a bit crazy too. Monday night before bed she was playing on one of the chairs she's sitting in (there are two) and tipped it over and cracked her head on the train table. Ouch. Yes, there was a big gash and yes I ended up in the ER with her forever (well it felt that long).

At the end of the long night she ended up with two staples to show for her craziness. She was so good while we waited and hasn't even complained about the pain. We'll have to get those things out in a few more days. I'm glad it was the back of her head at least. It made for a very crazy evening. It's amazing parents survive their children's craziness.

So on to the funnies....well, I don't have pictures of these, but I thought I'd share anyway.
For Family Home Evening Monday night we played a game where we told each other things we are grateful that each other does. The boys liked it because we got to roll a ball to each other when we said what we were grateful that the other person did. So the game was going well and then we started getting interesting responses from the boys. Here are just a few...
Talmage told me "Mommy, I'm so glad you went upstairs and saw what a good job I did cleaning up." Wasn't he supposed to say something about me? Such humility about his great job too. I must add that he did do a great job though :)
Not to forget me he did mention on another turn that he was glad I clean the counters. And then on another turn he added that I clean the table. I guess the kids are used to me cleaning!
I think our favorite was Grant though, "Daddy, I'm so glad that when you need to go stinkies you go stinkies on the potty." Now isn't that something truly to be grateful for :).

I'm glad that with all of the crazy (sometimes funny crazy) things in life there are lots of funnies too! Kids really are good entertainment! It makes it worth the harder crazy times that are spent in the ER!


ladawnw said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe Sandra got staples. I am glad she is doing better now! It's fun to play games like that to see what kind of things kids will say, they are fuuny. Your garden looks great!

luvmykids said...

That is funny! You did a great job noticing how wonderful he is. Some parents lack the ability to see their children's full potential. :)

samantha said...

Oh the ER. I only went once as a kid, but David keeps warning me that we will soon be there often with the boys. David was super accident prone and has many scars to prove it. I just hope our boys don't put us through what David put his parents through. I have a feeling we won't be able to avoid the ER.