Saturday, May 10, 2008

To my Moms...

Happy Mother's Day! I thought it is important to let you two know what great Mom's you are and what a good example you have been to me.
Mom you are amazing! I still can't believe that you had 9 kids and now have 27 grandkids (with 2 on the way)! I think you must have been a little crazy to survive us and now you get to enjoy the fruits of your labors (no punn intended) with your grandchildren. I know you work really hard all of the time and life seems crazy, but I want you to know that I love you for being such a loving mom to me and helping me have a desire to be a mom when I was young. Loving and teaching my kids is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding things I have ever done. Thanks for your example of patience and dedication to the gospel. I wouldn't be who I am today without my testimony and love of the Lord. Your effect on your children will last for generations! I love you Mom!

Now to my "other" mother . . . even though you are not my mom, I truly think of you as my mom. I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for how you raised your children. I found an amazing man to marry because of the way you taught him. Thank you for teaching your children so well. Thanks for putting up with me for two years before I was "officially" part of the family. You have always treated me with love and made me feel welcome. Thanks for being such an amazing Grandma. Someone has to teach my children strange things (even if I don't like it) :). You are so fun and have a great personality. Watching Stardust with you was a blast! You make me laugh. Thanks for all the support you have given to me and my family! I love you!

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oshee said...

I know, I know, this is your sweet Mother's Day post..but..I'm still going to leave this here!!

Happy Happy Birthday Sharla dear...
Happy days will come to you all year!
If I had one wish than it would be,
A Happy Happy Birthday to you from ME!

Ok, i'd do the other one, but I am not so sure of the spellings. :)
This is the one I wake my birthday kids up with. They IT! (Well they did when little...12 yr olds don't like it as much..just an FYI!)

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